Easy-Manage Software Features
  • Keeps track of all expenses by property & category.
  • Easy-to-use ledger report helps you find any group of expenses you desire.
  • Tenant information and rent payments are stored plus moved-out tenant information and payments.
  • Tenant past due rent balances are automatically calculated and retained.
  • Automatic post rent and late charge option.
  • Reports include tenant telephone numbers, rent payments due, monthly and annual profit/loss statements, rents paid by tenant, building or unit, current vacancies, delinquent rent, lease expiration, security deposits.
  • Annual safetly-check option and corresponding report.
  • Stores pages of information on each tenant. (Example: Names of children, emergency information, notes on problems, etc.)
  • Stores pages of information on each unit. (For example, date carpeted, color - last painted, appliance age and serial number, room sizes - square footage, etc.).
  • Free, unlimited phone support!!
  • Help screens for each area (F1 key).
  • If you use quicken checkbook program you can export to E-M
  • Mail merge to Word - make your own form letters
  • Multiple company capability if desired
  • Network Compatible
  • Print to network printer or fax program
Easy-Manage Tip Sheet
  • The Easy-Manage program is very versatile and it can accommodate any unusual situation that may arise in your business.
  • If a tenant does some damage -- for example, breaks a window -- and you want to charge them for it, go into the "enter the rent" area, as if you're entering a rent payment . On line #1, "amount," enter the negative amount. For instance, enter -$32.50 for the amount of the broken window and put "window repair" for payee.
  • The "late rent letter" may be put into a window envelope but folding the letter in thirds.
  • You can create all kinds of form letters and even reports using the data base named letter.dbf with microsoft office, works, lotus word perfect. and many others..
  • If you have a past tenant who is still making payments to you, in the "utilities" section, create a unit called 99 for the property in which they had lived. Next, in the tenant menu, go into "Enter Tenant" and enter this past tenant's information. For example, if they agreed to make monthly payments of $45.00, line #5 "rent" must read "$45.00." This will include them in the monthly rent that is due to you and will show up in the late rent payment report if they have not paid you. To get a report of all payments made to you from all these past tenants, use Rent Report #8. When running this report, leave the property code blank and fill in the unit as 99.
  • I just got a Palm IIIx, and figured out a easy way to get all my tenants names,address,phone numbers and rents on my Palm. E-Mail us for instructions.
Easy-Manage Manual

Download the Easy Manage manual here. (PDF)

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